Guess who joined the HTML5 party

So you know how there is this company Adobe that keeps insisting that the only way to enjoy the *full* web is by having  Flash Player installed on your computer? Well they just announced that they are releasing a guess what … HTML5 player … picking up jaw from the floor and slowly composing myself … did monkeys just fly out of my ass or what? I guess they are indeed not going to just roll over and all that crap about Flash was just them buying time so that the developers would be able to write something before it gets announced. And since Adobe is creating an HTML5 web player all I can say is the king (Flash) is dead long live the king (HTML5). And good riddance actually. Even with the latest and greatest “optimised” version of Flash using it under OS X puts a decent amount of strain on my MBP and quite a bit of heat on my lap. Oh and that is with an i5 CPU inside …

Anyway Adobe truly has my respect for this move. Now how about all those developers that still use Flash banners? Wake up it’s not 2000 any more. In fact it hasn’t been 2000 for 10 years now.

Oh wait come to think about it, our new company site has an absolutely atrocious flash banner on top. It serves no purpose whatsoever yet this self proclaimed marketing specialist likes it a lot so it’s there. Anyway, if you are indeed thinking about doing something similar DON’T! It is a bad idea on so many levels and it does not make your site more attractive, especially if it’s a business one.


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