New Job

So I have this new job for a bit over 2 months now … it’s a bit different from what I though but then again I tried to expect as little as possible. No let down that way.

Anyway, I’ve been reading technology blogs for a very long time now (pretty much ever since I found out what a computer really is). I built my first computer based on knowledge that I got from blogs and online enthusiast communities. So in a way I’ve always felt like monitoring the industry is something cool and something that I might enjoy doing. Then last year by accident I stumbled on this company. They do market research for technology companies. I though it’d be a pretty cool job so I applied for it and sure enough I got the job. Long story short now I’m a market researcher. I didn’t exactly get to work on the projects that I would like and the pay could be much better but I thought the it’s as good a place as any to start.

Anyway, the job drives me mad at times and the lack of free time and some of the upper management uptight rules give me grief but overall it’s a cool thing to do. I do feel somewhat of a sense of accomplishment and I can pay my bill for now so life has turned out alright.

I have these grand ideas of what I might do with my life and these aspirations but hey you need something to live for. And going to the gum so I can run or push weight ain’t gonna get me through the day. That would be the opposite feeling of fulfillment. If that was what got me through the day I would probably end up blowing my brains out in the toolshed one day. Waiting for Friday night to come so I can have so time also isn’t my cup o tea. So I do what I can to get me motivated.

Turns out I am somewhat of a workaholic and a perfectionist when it comes to projects. I won’t feel satisfied if the quality of my work isn’t up to a certain imaginary standard of mine. And that is a pain … It also turned out that a lot of people in the company to a mediocre job according my my imaginary standards and it just seems like they don’t give a shit. I think my perception about market research and consultants has slowly started to shift.


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