Thoughts on Market Reports

You see, I though most companies would actually care about what they publish. I though that you do actually care about about putting data out there that you know is possibly wrong. Only what’s not really the case. Unfortunately, it is all about the bottom line and about getting the product out the door. Not only that, but most market research companies … well at least the leading ones … are not even thinking about how they could leverage new technologies and media in their research and presentation of results. Yes you don’t sell paper reports anymore, but at the end of the day it is still just a stupid pdf file that is exactly like the paper version. Oh sorry, you can actually search within your file. You see market research companies are led by older people who might be studying a fast growing industry, but are very much slow changing and do not really understand what the computer revolution was all about. It amazes me sometimes how leading parties use the computer as a glorified typewriter/overhead projector. There is no inkling of a notion that computers are here to help you manage information. To help you generate report from data on the fly. To give you access to data that has been collected or quickly guide you to results and analysis. You see most of what a report is could be generated on a computer. You could enter all the models as a computer model and then use a common data base of collected and regularly updated information to generate reports on user request. Yes there would be no analysis but after all that is the consultant bit of the task. Unfortunately, currently no company is doing such a thing. It’s not impossible to do, only if you do have such a system, it will give too much transparency to your model and at the end of the day, forecasting is anything but an exact science. Trust me on this, if you have 2-3 months to complete a report you will cut corners and make wild guesses based on hunches. It’s a bit hard entering hunches in a model. But I do believe that there is a way to create at least a dynamic report system.

Oh well, if I find time I might start working on a system like that. Who knows, maybe one day it will make me rich 🙂


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