On educations and management

I just watched a video that summarizes and clarifies everything that I believe about education and that I have found out through being taught both the proper way and the wrong one. And well if you have half a brain you know that there is something wrong with the way that you have been taught in school.

Education aside I think they hit the nail right on the head with the corporate analogy and what they are saying about managing. I have spent the last 2 days with this self proclaimed sales guru trying to convince me that I should do things his way. There are a lot of things that the prick does wrong but what relates to the video is

1) you don’t segment something like a sales pitch and analyse it sentence by sentence (almost) and then tell me what I could have said better.

2) you don’t just feed me sales theories and your askewed view of how to sell


You don’t do 1 because it is not important for your wording to be in any particular way. What is important is that you have a goal and you do not forget what the objective is. Yes be respectful and yes be human and kind and empathetic and do follow your own style. There is no write or wrong way to sell. The single most important thing when selling is that you find your own voice. Your sales pitch has to feel natural and it has feel like you and someone else talking about your product. It is not about you promoting your product. It is about you and your customer discussing the customer’s business and the two of you discovering a void that can be filled by your product. It is a in a way about need but it is more about want and desire. You are filling the company’s need but the personal desire of the company rep that you are talking to. And this you can only do if your are natural and real and are yourself. You see a good salesman does not pretend to be someone else. Forget all the BS that people tell you about being such and such character. If you are a technical person be a technical one. There is nothing wrong with being the knowledgeable salesman. You see at the core of the process it is much like finding friends or should I say making new friends. You are yourself but you do look out for signs of boredom and you do behave.

As far as #2 goes … well you simply don’t do this ever. I don’t care about your life experience. I need to try doing something and face a problem in order for it to get me thinking and for me to be ready to learn. Then we need to have a discussion where you, the teacher, ask me questions that stimulate me thinking and not regurgitating and only if I cannot make a decision do you help me. After I have made up my mind then you can tell me what you think and let me decide which one I like better. And this is the only way that you can stimulate creativity in a company and coincidentally it will cost you less. You see the way it works is there are several roads to fulfilling your employees needs/desires. Money is certainly one, benefits another, etc. However, what noone will ever refuse and what will make each one of your employees think long and hard before they consider leaving the company is job satisfaction. And if you allow for creativity it will lead to job satisfaction and I do not mean eventually. So as a result you will have to pay a bit less for your work force and you will have loyal employees. Well that’s something that is worth it’s weight in gold and something that you cannot achieve by enforcing common rules and regulations.

And yes I know it is a business and yes I know that some rules are required. However, the main rule should be to follow the company’s short term strategy and to do everything you can to make the company look good.


And look I am not discovering a new continent here. These are pretty much some of the principles that Japanese businesses are build on. It’s just insane how hard it is for the western manager to learn from his/her eastern colleagues. And if you ask me it’s a damn shame too …

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