meeh and a bit about discrimination sensitivity

i’ve had the longest Friday ever. It is really annoying when someone higher up the chain is being a total ass and you have to pretend that you really don’t care much and supposedly go along with him/her. Today I realized that the UK is not nearly as discrimination sensitive as the US is. There was this *sales guru* that I talked a bit about. Same guy that got very close to making me hate my job in the last couple of days. The prick is a bit old school and today he was sitting in the middle of the room and telling 11 people how women tend to be treated differently than men in business. How women are expected to be stupider than man and how man give them  special attention once they proved themselves. And then he kept going on and on in the same spirit for 10 minutes. Apparently he thinks that women are more reliable to call you back then man. For 10 minutes I was sitting there not believing my ears. I know for one the term special treatment in the US is borderline sexual harassment. Apparently what happened today is quite acceptable in the UK. Well at least none of the women in the room seemed to be offended by any of what was said or the manner in which it was. Ok, granted that the actual meaning was benign it seems like English people are not very sensitive when it comes to gender inequality and quite possibly racial inequality.

Who knew that the UK is a lot less sensitive than the US when it comes to discrimination …

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