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Market Research Links

A list of great Market Research Links/Resources. Feel free to add your own in the comments. Rubbish will be removed so don’t bother.

Inc. is a great resource for MRs/Analysts. The one above deals just with research but there are equally good sections for branding, sales, customer relations, etc. It is a must for every market analyst.



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Mac Gems – Part 1

So here are a couple of applications that I have found quite useful and somewhat of a surprise.

Recently discovered Jumpsoft’s Relationship. Amazing tool and is exactly what I have been missing. Ok the company has this other project management tool which I wish was integrated with Relationship but oh well.

So anywho, Relationship is a task manager that lets you create and manage teams of users, projects, and assign users to projects. You can also add simple notes and a whole bunch of cool little things like that. Learning curve is almost nonexistent and is simply a beautiful piece of software. Oh and on top of that there is a free iPhone version. You know how the Calendar on the iPhone is a bit … well  basic? Well Relationship gives you full access to the Calendar that you already know (same interface) and then a whole bunch more things. You have your address book, to-do list, notes, projects. And all that is for free. I actually think I’ll start using it as a Calendar replacement. Oh yeah and it all integrates with the desktop version. Not as well as Thinks but hey it is cheaper and more capable and with better integration with tools that you already use.

All that aside, you know how Apple canceled the Xserver line? Well I have had this thought for over a week now and I am pretty sure now that Apple is not done with the server world. Not by a long shot. If you have followed the server world for a while you know that cloud computing is going to be big one day. Only while it stands very little chance for a desktop replacement (read personal computer) because of the constantly dropping price of portable devices and the ever increasing power that they hold. Only there is another place where you can use cloud computing and quite successfully too. I’m talking about servers. Why buy your own if you can use a hired one? You don’t even need an actual physical server. You can actually sell virtual ones if you can convince your clients that you can securely store their data and provide them with the highest possible accessibility. Right? I think so. Actually I am absolutely convinced that Apple will one day sell virtual servers. And it has a very strong business case. You get amazing performance (virtual CPUs, GPUs, etc.), enough storage and secure storage of data, and the best internet connectivity possible. Oh and all that on one single bill much lower than the sum of the individual costs that it replaces. Yeah there is a great business case and just like everything else that Apple makes it does not try to target the whole market but rather a specific forward thinking part of it. And we can go on and on why it makes sense but the point is that I personally ting that Apple is building the NC datacenter as a server for hire farm. And if successful this is one of several around the globe. It is a massive project and would also explain why Apple has been hoarding all that cash.

I am so excited about this prospect that I actually really want to see this happening. Ha ha … it will make stupid IT admins finally aware of the benefits of using OS X. And who knows, maybe one day my work computer would be some kind of Macbook rather then a stupid Dell Adamo wannabe ….

Oh and as far as announcing it, I think Apple will wait until Lion is ready for release (at the least). Tomorrow’s even is not about the NC facility. Tomorrow is about iPhone and iPad and the Mac App Store. Anyway, that’s from me for now.

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Back …

so i’ve been away for a while

Went to France to see my girlfriend and then she came back with me. To make a long story short, she didn’t like France and the french people. Lol it was a bit hard for me to feel bad about the whole thing. I mean after all she is coming back and I get to have all the benefits of having her around back. Anyway spent 10 days in France and it is a shit country. Don’t get me wrong, I can get used to it and french is not that hard to learn (turns out). But the people seem fucking arrogant. It is a cold place full of beggars and homeless people. And no offence but Paris is shit overall. Ok you have some nice old buildings and Notre Dame is great. But your Metro stinks and for fuck’s sake get with the programme. It is the 21st century and they still don’t have elevators in any of the underground stations. Escalators are also a very rare thing. Great job frenchies but fuck you I will take my time when I have luggage with me.

Anyway I did like the trip even if it was a bit different from what I expected. And I can’t wait until next month when we get back there for CARTES. Well I don’t mean me and my gf, me and some work mates this time. He he I get my expenses paid this time around.

So yeah other than that, not my really new. Car’s giving me grief but oh well will eventually get around to a garage. Until the it better fucking work … little bitch is vital for my schedule and daily oversleeping hehe.

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