So yeah doing CARTES for the first time. It’s not bad it’s just surprising how many high level execs are not really up to scratch on getting information that is publicly available. Anyway gives us a bit of an opportunity to sell them stuff that they can actually get for free.

Anywho, something quite peculiar happened today. There was a panel of high level execs this morning and that guy from Gemalto has a snarky remark about Oberthur buying some UK company. I didn’t pay much attention at the time but after that a client asked if we knew who that was so tonight I looked it up. If anyone is interested, Oberthur is apparently making a 2nd bid at De La Rue which is the company currently printing the English Pounds (bank notes) and also printing all UK passports. For those who are not familiar, the passports have a contactless chip/interface.

Apparently the firsts Oberthur valuation of £750,000,000 was considered too low so their offer was declined. However, the rumour is that Oberthur is sill interested and their CEO was in England today to give De La Rue a new offer with a higher valuation. So there you go. If you are buying stock maybe now is the time to buy some of De La Rue’s stock since it is going to go up in the next couple of days. hehe … all this is just speculation and lucking guesses of course so use your head 😉


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