Creativity and leadership

I found this article

It talks about how leaders usually lack creativity. Now this is not the first article on the subject and believe you me when I tell you that it really is like that in the business world. You see management gets taught to uphold the system and it is through the system that it rises. If you are a rebellious type you will fight the system all the way up and it would be very hard for you to rise to the top. Most high level managers have been rising through the ranks for a while and they have mostly gotten used to the status quo. They truly believe that it is the best way. It is very hard and rear for a leader to challenge the already accepted and it usually happens around a crisis period.

Personally, I don’t think that there is much one can do. A manager is there to uphold the established order and to lead. However, much like a great politician and a leader one should listen to what the group/company has to say and one should utilise the company’s intelligence. It is not about being creative, it is about knowing how to listen and to be able to make great judgements.

It is not about breaking the system. It is about auditing the status quo and making the existing system into a better one. It is about building a better product and the one and only way you can do that is by admitting that the current one is not perfect and that no matter how hard you try it can always get better and serve it’s purpose better.



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