Ovi Maps

Nokia Ovi Maps 3D browser application
Ok I didn’t mean to post twice in such a short interval but man is this worth a post.
Ovi Maps has a beta demo for PC and Mac. It’s a browser application requiring a plugin and this is by far one of the most amazing things to come out. Not long ago I saw a demo by this Swedish company showing a very similar thing and I think it might actually be the exact same product. But yeah this is what Bing Maps eventually will look like due to the Nokia MS deal. I quite honestly think that Nokia got robbed blind with that deal considering what they actually have on their hands. This had the potential of destroying Google Maps and I am not exaggerating. The technology needed to create maps like the Ovi 3D ones is about 5-10 years ahead of what Google is currently using and there is very very little that Google can do about that. Yes street view is nice but the 3D maps that Google is using are a complete joke. It might be OK for a MS student, and most Ph.D. ones but Ovi Maps and Nokia have most likely acquired the Swedish military team that got axed not long ago. All this is patented and is literally technology that was never meant to be released in the general public. Except it did. It actually kinda gives you an idea of how intelligent missile guidance systems work. But anyway all the hype aside, come 2012 Bing Maps will have a new and shiny face and hopefully this time around Apple will let us switch the Maps provider too.

As much as I dislike MS I have actually started using Big recently as my default search provider. Most of the times results are cleaner and yes they are different but the search engine feels more powerful.

Oh yeah and Playbook got released with less than promised battery life etc. etc. wooopty f***ing doo RIM! Starting at $500 and well …. it’s an overgrown smartphone except it is yet to receive a 3G module … oops


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