About me

So here’s a bit about me for those who like those sort of things šŸ™‚

I am well educated yet still very curious. My friends say that I am a bit too critical and sometimes unforgiving. I’d like to call it being professional and a bit of a perfectionist. I am a software developer by training but currently working towards becoming a business consultant executive. I value knowledge and entrepreneurship.

I am a Mac user by choice and yes it is an informed decision. I do however have extensive experience with pretty much every OS out there except Solaris. Sun workstations used to cost an arm and a leg and they never had any real life benefits for me. LIke many others, I started with Windows and still tend to be a Windows user by day. My company doesn’t really care if I use a Mac but they won’t provide one for me. Nowadays, I hate spending time reinstalling software and operating systems. Hence, I became a Mac user. Yes, there are limitations just like a Windows system has limitations and I am aware of them. Yet at the end of the day I spend almost no time solving problem and a lot of time working on things that actually do matter. Plus the way Apple develops products makes me feel just a little bit more appreciated as a customer and that goes a very long way with me

I like consultancy and business analysis and I find sales somewhat of an interesting subject. People management and the issues that come with it is somewhat of a guilty pleasure of mine although sometimes I hate it with passion. Dealing with other people’s problems can be a huge distraction and a threat to productivity!

The rest will come up as time goes so keep reading. O,h and if you have an opinion go ahead and post. I’d love to read what YOU have to say.



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