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PSN – Lies, damn lies!

So after almost a month of downtime Sony’s PSN is finally up (kind of). What surprises me is that not a single major journalist is questioning what actually happened here.

I hate conspiracy theories as much as the next guy but here are the facts.

A couple of weeks before the supposed hack a firmware for PS3 was released which basically allows you to purchase content from the PSN store without actually paying for it.

Sony had no clue how to distinguish their own firmware from the hacked one.

In the financial world a situation like this will likely get you banned from payment operations and you will also be liable for the fraudulent transactions.

Not a single hacker or hacking group has come forth and claimed the hack. This never happens in the hacker world and for a hack like this you win some very major points.

The list of changes to the security system of PSN is actually a list of upgrades to the already existing system and while nice are nothing more than a scheduled update.

You have to install a new firmware if you want to use PSN, effectively making the older hack unusable for the moment.


I don’t know about you, but this looks to me like a very different story than the one Sony is feeding to the media and the world. Yes it is possible that there was a hacker attack, however, networks like PSN get attached every minute of every day. It is a lot more plausible that Sony took the network down so they can fix the problem with the payment system. Quite frankly I doubt that anyone’s information was compromised but I am changing my password nonetheless. Oh and that list of customer details that got published turned out to be from a marketing campaign from almost 10 years ago.

Yes I am thankful to Sony for upgrading PSN’s security but just come clean. The end result is still the same, a month without PSN and back to the days of PS2 …



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