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Google TV dead on arival

ABC and CBS have announced that they are blocking Google TV devices from accessing their free online streaming service. The reason is alleged security concerns however, you can read between the lines. A colleague of mine recently published a press release saying the he believe Apple TV is doomed because of Google’s competition but I really like to see his face when he find out about the ban. What surprises me is that Google has taken this college student approach to product design and decided to go over the heads of TV studio executives. Plus if studios are refusing a $1 per episode watching fee than why on Earth would they ever let anyone watch the programming for free? Also Google seems to forget that the way you make money online most of the time is through advertising. This is exactly what is keeping them afloat. Yes you can still advertise with a flash streaming service but just go to any US TV website and count the number of adverts that come up …


Unless Google really steps up Sony is about to loose a huge amount of money and all the rest of the TV manufacturers sitting on the fence will never touch a google tv device. A move like that could even hurt Android so Google it’s your move now …



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